Monday, March 17, 2014


I know I keep saying this over and over but, I have been super busy. With my day job and side jobs (that my husbands says I have been doing to many of) I have had no time to just sit. 

I started doing a kitchen on the side. They are great people to work for. I have been doing a few cabinets at a time. I get 3 done and pick up 3 more. I has worked out perfect.

 They added some new cabinets.

 This is a kitchen I'm doing at my day job. We started Friday.
 We sanded all the cases there and bring the doors and draws back to the shop to stripped and sanded. We also spray them out at the shop too. We will brush the paint on at the house on the cases.
 This kitchen had many different colors over the years. If someone was looking for the primitive look this would have been the kitchen to do with it.
 This kitchen we started today. We took all the doors and draws back to the shop. We will sand the case at some point this week.
 I love the old cabinets!! I can't wait to see them with there new coat of finish.
 Now to the big project of the week!!!

Painting at the new shelter for our veterans doing what we can to give it back!

We worked on 5 rooms today, and many more to come!!

So much work has gone into this project by so many different people. When people come

 together so much can happen!!

 This isn't the best picture but this is my Boss Cathy and I at the site.

I can't wait to share more as the project moves along!!

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