Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Almost Ready For Spring!!!

Monday at work I kept saying what a great day it was. I was texting my husband telling him about my great day. He too was having a great day. I happened to be working at a customers house and time was just flying by. Then it was time to go. I had my phone and two empty cans of seltzer waters in my hands. Out the door I went wishing everyone a good night, closed the door started down the steps next thing I know cans and phone are flying through the air as I too am flying and hitting the icy wet stairs with my butt, back, and back of my legs. Some how I popped right back up but in a lot of pain. I climbed back up the stair and opened the door and yelled in the stairs have ice on them be careful I just fell and slammed the door behind me because I was so pissed and hurt. I got in my car and drove to pick my husband up from his work. He had to drive home because I was in so much pain. This is what it looked like Monday. It's bigger and deeper in color now.

Now two days later I'm feeling much better. I haven't been back to work yet. I will be going tomorrow!!  I think they really miss me. We have so much going on and I really can't take any more time off. We have been doing so many kitchens it's not funny. I'm loving the work!! and a pay check!!

Oh I also wanted to share that is was my niece Emily's Birthday Party this past weekend. They had so much fun. Pool party..
 How cute are these cupcakes!! It was funny, I had already seen the cupcakes before any of the kids did. So when I was taking their picture in the pool I said... "say cheese" then "say Cookie Monster Cupcakes" One of the kids said "that was random!
 Emily was very happy with all of her goodies!
 After we all went back to Emily's house to enjoy the outdoors. Josh (my son) was giving rides on the sled.
 Nate just being so cute.

 There was an eagle flying over us for a while hoping for some fish while we were fishing.
 Boys and their toys.
 Here is a painting that Emily did!! I think I'm going to have to buy this one off her!! I'm in love with it.

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