Friday, February 21, 2014

Bitter Sweet Day

My friend Jess found out today that the woman who drove drunk and killed her husband Bobby the father of her two beautiful boys will only get 11.5 years in prison for the DUI manslaughter, DUI serious injury, DUI property damage, leaving the scene of a crash with death and leaving the scene of a crash with serious injury.

I don't understand how someone who took a life only gets 11.5 years. This is a woman who drank then drove drunk. That's kind of like loading a gun and killing someone. I don't understand how this woman walked away not checking on the people she hurt and killed. Just walked away!!! Only 11.5 years in prison.

Here is the story if you want to read.


Here is the boys video they played in court. Jess told the boys to tell the judge what they would like to happen to the person that caused their fathers death. They were by NO MEANS manipulated into making this or told what to say like the defense attorney told the court. The video was Christian's idea. 


Only 11.5 years in prison. It breaks my heart the boys will grow up without their father that loved them with everything he had. A wife no longer with her soul mate! A wonderful mother and father without their loving and caring son. A brother and sister no longer making memories together. All the friends that Bobby loved near and dear to him will never hang out together again. 

This will be the second person in my life that was killed by a drunk driver.

If you go out and have any alcohol at all.......HAND OVER YOUR KEYS. DON'T DRIVE!!!!! IT'S NOT WORTH THE LOSS OF A LIFE!!!

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