Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Work

I'm now making bigger Tree Of Life Sun Catchers. This one is 4 inches wide. I'm going to be making many more and different colors.
Being it's been so cold outside here in Maine, my basement it super cold. I have been taking over the kitchen table with my beading. 

These are some new necklaces I have done. I really need to do more of the rectangle ones. I like the darker branch. The ones on the bottom are Rose Quartz Metallic Stones. The picture doesn't show the color well. When the light hits it so pretty.

 I stated working on smaller pendents. I like more better then others. It's all in the fun of trying new things. Playing around with the wire and finding new ways of wrapping.

 These Red Hat Trees of Life were a Christmas order.

My new project. Not the dog :) I let her up there so you could see the size of the coffee table. 

 Sadie is much happier on the floor.

I had to share this picture of her silly face! 

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