Thursday, January 2, 2014

Before and After

I just wanted to share some of the projects that I have done at my day job the past year. This is only a few.

Here is an old Adirondack chair that spent a lot of time outside. It was in the need of a little love.....or a lot!


I think it looks a lot better.

These were in good shape but the owner didn't like the color.

I like them so much better in white.

The same with this one.

 and see soooo much better!
 I fell in love with dresser as soon as it came in. I knew as soon as the finish was sprayed on it, the wood would pop!

Just look at the beautiful piece!! Love, love, love it!

 Then you have the painted pieces. The reason I love working on these kinds are because of the owners! When you get to see their face drop when they see what it looks like after and how happy they are.

Was I wrong?.... Awesome!!

 This was one of the best customers house I have worked at. She was so sweet and had two dogs that I just wanted to take home with me. They just moved in and wanted to paint the kitchen cabinets white.


This made the kitchen so much more inviting.

 I love how she wanted the island in a fun blue. I think I'm going to do my kitchen in blue!! A dark blue to go in my Tuscan Kitchen.

 I'm sure I will be share so many more project to come!


  1. You should go on HGTV; looks like a lot of stuff I watch on Rehab Addict and Property Brothers.

  2. Hehe! Maybe someday Pat!! I love what I do and love to show it off. It's kind of like my art work. :)