Friday, December 13, 2013

Update on Sadie Girl

Sadie had her surgery on Thursday morning. We got up and I tried to do things like it was any other day. Only she knew something was up because she wasn't being feed. She was not at all happy with this idea. I put her two pills in very small pieces of pancakes so she would take them. She was very happy for that, but was still waiting for her cup of dog food.

Then it was the time I was dreading....time to go to the vets. Remember the last time we were there was less then a week ago and she was stuck with needles and didn't like it very much. She got into the van fine thinking we were going for a ride. All was good until I pulled into the parking lot of the vets. I parked the van and got out leaving her in the back until I got around to the door to let her out. I slid open the sliding door and she just stood there. She knew where we were. It took her a second and she got out only to go to the front of the van. She did her business and wanted to get back into the van only I started to walk past the van as she stopped and pretty much was telling me..." no way in hell is she going back to that place." I tried pulling her and she won't move. I almost pulled her collar off. I didn't want to hurt her so I had to get behind her and push. Only now she is trying to lay down in the middle of the parking lot, with all four paws trying to dig into the pavement. I just kept pushing. People were coming out of the vets looking at me while smiling saying "awww she really doesn't want to go in there" I just smiled and thought no shit a little help here, but I just kept pushing until we got to the door. 

Now out of breath and red faced, we are inside. Sadie's tail is now under her so far it looks docked. Back legs just a shaking. I go to sign her in and my hand is shaking just as bad as her back legs. We are just meant for each other. Now we sit and wait for our turn. Sadie keeps looking out the window, and me feeling worse about doing this but the tumor has to be removed.

 I will have to say this was handled so well. The doctor comes out to get us.... the doctor not a helper but the one who was going to be working on Sadie. She got right down on the floor to say hello to Sadie and loved her up. I was very impressed. We followed her into the small room. The vet told me everything that was going to happen, and it would take up to 3 hours. They allowed me to stay with Sadie until they knocked her out. I asked about this before hand because Sadie has anxiety issues. If she gets worked up she will have a seizure.  I got on the floor with Sadie and then came the needle and they put it in her paw and Sadie turned her head into my lap and she was out. They picked her up and walked out of the room with her. I walked out to my car as fast as I could because my eyes were filling up with tears. 

I went home and started cleaning the house I needed to get my mind of Sadie. I wanted to make sure everything was in its place for when Sadie got home. I vacuumed and that's when it hit me that she wasn't there because every time I vacuum she follows me around and is always in my way and at the end I always vacuum her back. She loves that so much. So the house work was all done in an hour. I need to kill more time so I went to the bank then post office then was headed home when I got the call.... she was ready to be picked up. It was only 1 and a half hours. I drove right over. I had to fill out more paperwork and pay then I got to go in the little room to see her. The woman went to get her and came back saying she isn't fully wake to be able to walk yet. I would have to wait to get her. I then asked if I could go back and be with her because if she is waking up and I'm not there she is going to freak out. They woman said I couldn't  go back there but they could bring her to me. That's what they did. Two woman brought her into the room and put a blanket on the floor then Sadie. She was soooo out of it, it made my heart hurt. She had no idea what was going on. They let me stay with her by myself so she would be nice and relaxed. It took Sadie over an hour and a half to wake up and be able to walk. They said she was a cheep date! lol  As soon as she was ready she was running for the door, and that's just what we did!! I put her into the van and we were headed home. Once home I had to carry her up into the house. Who knew she weighted so much!! I put her on the couch and that's where she stayed all day. I thought she would fall right asleep but she was keeping herself from doing so. Every time she dosed off her head would pop up and she would look around and see me and her tail would start wagging then she put her head back down. This went on for hours. She did really fall asleep until we all went to bed. I think she was thinking she would wake up at the vets again.

Here she is today...
Here is the booboo paw. Her nails are long because she wouldn't let me cut them. Can't wait for it to heel and I can give her a pedicure!!

I am so glad we had it done. She is already walking better and not in pain. I would say it's the best Christmas present ever!!

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