Monday, December 9, 2013

Update On The Fur Baby!!

I talked to the veterinary today. I was so relieved after talking to her. Sadie's toe does not have to be amputated!!! There is enough skin to close after the tumor is removed!! The other things that was really bothering me was Sadie being there over night without me.... all alone and scared.  Remember she is my shadow. If I go downstairs without her she whines and tries looking for me. Same thing happens if I run to the bathroom and close the door before she gets in there with me. Sometime I just can wait hehe.  Well she doesn't have to stay over night. I get to take her home a little after they are done. I also asked if I could stay with her until they knock her out. I was scared that her being all worked up will cause her to have a seizure. Which has happened before. They said there would be no problem and with her history they would rather I did go in with her. So now I wouldn't be so worked up and make her ever more scared. 

I have to start giving her antibiotics tomorrow night. This should be fun. I will just rap it in cheese and through it to her....she never chews her food anyways......well until tomorrow right! :/ 

It's crazy how much I love that dog. She is like my baby girl. I tell my son he has a sister....he thinks it's funny. 

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