Monday, December 23, 2013

So Much Going On!

This month has been crazy busy! First was the whole Sadie's tumor being removed, but I forgot to tell you John's car broke down on the way home the night before we had to bring Sadie to the vet. I had to drive out to where he pulled over because the car lost power. So we jumped his car with my van. He took off and only made is about a miles or so. As I was following him I could see his break lights starting to dim and he would pull over. I had to drive past him to get the nose of my van in front of his car. We jumped it and let it sit for a minute and off he went. I then would turn around to get back behind him....so on and so on. We did this 6 times or more until we got to the garage.

The next day Sadie went to the vet. She is doing soooo good. I didn't know her paw hurt so much. She is running around again. I really thought it was her back legs that were hurting when she jumped but it was her front paw. So glad she is feeling better.

I have been crazy busy working on orders for Christmas. I have met so many new people and net working with more now.  I'm getting more of my items out there and loving every minute of it. I feel good things are going to happen this up coming year for me and my business!! Yep.... I'm going the take that leap.

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday Season.

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