Sunday, December 1, 2013

Not Ready For Monday

I'm so not ready to go back to work Monday (tomorrow). Having these four days off has been so nice. Spending time with the family and getting orders done has been soooo nice. Yesterday we put up our Christmas Tree. Looking at it tonight I would say it needs a little more love. Looks to bare to me. I'm almost thinking I forgot a box of ornaments in the basement. I still have to decorate the rest of the house. I'm sure I will come across them then.

I have been working on Christmas order every night. I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of this week. I know more with come in but I don't think I can do any more furniture orders unless they are something small. One of the orders is a small child's
rocker. This is what it looked like when I got it. The customer wants all the paint off it and stained!

This is the rocker after being stripped 3 times!! The white just wouldn't come off.
On the left hand side of the seat you can see where I sanded it a little to make sure the white paint would come off all the way!! I will be knocking it apart and sanding tomorrow after work.

Here are some of the Tree of Life Sun Catchers I have been making.

I had started making the sun catchers for myself over a year ago and stopped. I still have the two I made in a box.  I'm not sure why, just stuck to the small trees for necklaces. As of the past week I made these and some are already up on my site for sale. The pink one was an order for Christmas. It is a Breast Cancer Awareness one. I was asked today to do a special order for a sun catcher. All I can say at this time is it's not a tree, and it's not for Christmas....thank God because this one is going to take some drawing out and playing with wire!! I'm going to branch out a little bit. No pun intended......who am I kidding that was sooo intended!!! lol I have been branching out a little with some new fun things like these.

Let me know what you think of the new items that I have been making!!
I hope everyone has a great start to the week.
Don't forget to make someone smile!! :)

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