Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Primitive Piece!!

I guess Blogger is letting me post pictures once a month?! So I was able to post the new primitive pieces I'm working on for the Secret Garden. Please check out my Facebook page for my work!! That way you can follow along with what I'm working on. I would really love it if you "liked" and shared it with others!! :O)
These will have old nails or pegs in the bottom rail so you can hang things. The top rail is a shelf.
These boxes are great for anything. I have one with glass candle holders in it.
These are candle holders.
All painted with the first coat!
This is where all the magic happens! They now have the 2nd coat of paint.

All done.

 These heart shelf are so cute. The little hearts will have old nails so you can hang things from it.


The flash from my camera make it look bad. The red is very pretty in person.
I have been so busy with these projects and loving it.

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