Friday, January 18, 2013

Very Blessed

   Have you ever sat alone in your living without the TV on, or radio? Just sat there and looked around at what you have. Look at the pictures, nik-naks, or plants. Remembering where and when you got them. How the things around you have meaning, or stories to tell.

   I'm very blessed to have the things that I have around me. I love to remember the stories or remember the places we went and found the items that now sit on the shelf. Or the photos that were taken and now hang in frames on the walls.

   As I sit here in my living room not quite alone....my dog lays here beside me sharing a blanket to keep warm on this chilly night. The sound of the fish tank bubbling to the left of me, and the kids downstairs play. I look at the light up giraffe (Hubble, named by an on-line friendhttps://www.facebook.com/#!/KamansaKornerStudio  ) that my mother got me for Christmas.  I now dress Hubble up for the holidays or special occasion. I look at Hubble and know how much my mother loves me. I look at Hubble and think I'm still such a kid at 36. My husband looks at the almost 4 foot light up giraffe as a thing that is just silly and in the way. Hehe He loves me and deals with it for now. Hubble will find a new spot in my work/craft room.
   I sit here and look up at a clear glass vase that is over a foot tall, four inches wide and filled with layers of beach sand. On the glass I wrote in a blue paint pen is the date and the name of beach where the sand came from. There are only a few layers of sand, but the thought of adding more layers makes me smile! Just thinking about the beach sand make me smile. The beach is one of my favorite places to be.

   I could go on and on about all the pictures, and things in my living room. So many stories to be told. Such fun memories!!

  Now you should sit quietly in your living room and look around and see how blessed you are!

   I hope you made someone smile today!! :O)

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