Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Beautiful Hike With My Son

It started with a beautiful day!! One we very much needed. Josh and I had planned this hike for awhile. So with the weather being this good there was no way we were passing this up!
 The first part of the walk was fine.....flat. It was half way around a pond.
 I'm glad we took this picture before we started up the hill....or mountain as we would called it.
 The pond in the first picture is the one in this picture. I was a hike for sure!! There were parts that were almost straight up on rocks and wet leaves.
I can't believe how much fun Josh and I had.

This is the town we live in. Crazy seeing it from above.

We had our lunch and enjoyed the views.

Josh did a little rock hunting.
Josh found an old truck that looks like it went over the edge.
He started making up stories about what happened. He could make a movie with what comes out of him.

Of course he wanted to take a piece of his find home. Why couldn't it have been something a lot smaller and not so heavy! He roll it down parts of the "mountain" and all you could hear was tink, tank, ting, bang, crunch, and thud. So no we didn't see any deer.
I am so at peace when I'm in the woods and Josh isn't rolling rims down the "mountain" . I love being there. I forget about everything at home and work. I take in peace and fresh air and sound of the wild.

At the end of our walk we got to see two eagles! I couldn't believe how beautiful they were!

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