Sunday, October 28, 2012

Water Damage Table

Here is a water damage table that was brought to us. It was in the basement on it side and the basement became flooded. They have had this table in their family for years and didn't want to buy and new one. They wanted us to do what ever we could to save it.

 The veneer was coming up on the top of the table and the sides.
 The skirt of the table was pulling away too.
 We took the stretchers off so we could try to make the table flat again. We put wet rags then placed long boards to make it flat then clamped the heck out of it.
 We added water to thhe top and let it sit over night again.
 The next day we took off the clamps and added oak board to keep the table from bending again. Oh I forgot to say we cut shallow score lines to help the board from cupping again.
 More water to help it bend.
 I pulled off the rest of the veneer and glued it.
 I had to spray the table top and the piece of veneer.
 Not looking to bad!
 Nice and flat.
 Here is the table base. It too had water damage.
 All the feet were in a ton of pieces.
 I love doing puzzles
 I glued and clamped it all together again.
 You would never know the feet were glued!
 Staining the table top! Looks new!
 I got a picture of the base and forgot to take a picture of the top all done :O(
When the owner came in to get her table she cried because she was sooooo happy with the way it came out. That is the best part of my job is getting to see their face when they pick up their piece of furniture. I hate to make people cry, but when it's a good cry.....nothing better. :O)

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