Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steinway Piano

This is my first Steinway Piano that I have worked on with Cathy. This first picture is after we were done with it. I'm over the moon on how it came out.
 This is when it first came in. We had the keyboard removed so with could strip it with out messing with them.
 The legs were taken off too. Just so much easier to work on in parts.
 So here is the keyboard and the part that holds the sheet music.
 Before stripping we tape off anything we don't want stripper to get on.

 Here it is all taped off and stripped.
 Being it is going back black lacquer we try not to sand off all the black. We have to get all the bump and dings out or once you spray the black lacquer they will stick out like a sore thumb.

 First coat of black.
 One step closer to being done.
 We had to put the Steinway decal on.

 All the parts are done and look so much better.

Very happy knowing it's all done and on it's way home.

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