Sunday, October 21, 2012

Antique Slant Front Desk

Here is a Slant Front Antique Desk.  The outside of the desk wasn't to bad but the inside shows it wear and tear.
 You can see they used it a lot.
 There was some water damage.
 Here is the desk all stripped and being sanded and glued.
 I had to take off all the legs and fix the bottom of the desk.

 I glued the legs on before putting the bottom back onto the desk.
 The body and inside of the desk had to be machine sanded because the marks couldn't be sanded by hand.
 The draws were hand sanded because there was no marks.
 It was then stained by hand.
 Here it is all sprayed with finished.
 The pigeon holes were hand sanded and finished.
 Here it is all done.

I think it looks much better!!

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