Saturday, October 13, 2012


What a great time we had this year for CANS FOR  A CURE! This is our 7th year doing it. We started because we heard the Morning Crew from Q97.9 radio station and wanted to help out as a family. So John, Josh and I went around asking people if they would donate to the cause. This year we raised $285.00! That is the most we have ever raised.
This is the 11th Annual Cans for a Cure for the Q97.9
Meredith, Jeff and Lori broadcased live and were on site (Maine Mall parking lot) until they met their goal!
It's Maine’s largest can and bottle drive to fight breast cancer!
 Jazz Hands!
This is what they put on their Facebook page.
"THANK YOU!!! For helping us collect 543,461 cans and bottles!!! $27,173 will now go to fight Breast Cancer in Maine. Q listeners are the BEST and we love you!!"
This picture was from last year. We were almost talking about not doing it this year because it's been hard for people to help out because they need the money for their own family because times are tough. I'm really glad we did do it. I found the use of Facebook helped out a lot.
 You can see how Josh has grown. He walked up to Lori this year just to tell her he was taller then her. Lori is the one in the middle.
 This picture is from the very first year we started helping out. They happen to be driving around collecting cans and bottle and said they were stopping at the Oxford Race Track so we ran down to hand over the bottle and cans we had at the time.
 Next year we plan on starting a lot earlier collecting cans and bottle. So many people said to use this year, "I wish you would of asked a week ago I just returned them". So we are thinking about posting on Sept 1st that way it gives people time to save up.

I want to thank all of the people who donated their cans, bottles, cash and checks to us! We couldn't have done it without you all. Hearing all the stories why people were donating was very touching. Some made me cry. I'm very lucky that I don't know anyone personally that have been touch by breast cancer, and I would like to keep it that way!!  

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