Sunday, November 11, 2012


Over a year ago I was at a flea market in my town and came across a booth that had so many great items that I loved. Handbags, jewelry, gloves, planters, candle holders, and more. The name on the booth was "GLITZ'N GLAM VINTAGE DESIGNS". I have gone back to that flea market and bought handbags every once in awhile. I haven't been there for awhile but I had kept a business card and about a week ago I got in contact with the owner Charlene LeClair by email. I wanted to know if she would like to sell some of my items in her booth. I sent her pictures of what I do and she was very pleased and wanted to meet with me. Only now she is not in my town anymore but is in the town I work in. I meet with her last Saturday to talk, and Sunday I was bring in some of my Trees of Life. She sold 3 of them within 5 hours on that Sunday!! I brought her more this Saturday and she sold 2 more!! The cool thing is.....the flea market is only open Friday-Sunday 9:00am to 5:00pm! Charlene is so friendly and makes you feel very welcomed in her space. She doesn't have a booth like the flea market in my town. She has a wonderful space that is filled with sooooo many great finds. Here are some pictures from her website.

 Charlene also does gift baskets of all kinds here are some of the Christmas ones she has done.

Please check out her site!!

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