Sunday, September 16, 2012

Leann Rimes at the Oxford Fair

I found out a few weeks ago that Leann Rimes was coming to Oxford Fair. That made me want to go really bad. I have not been to the Oxford fair in over 10 years. I never cared for it because there really isn't a lot to do, like the Fryeburg in Maine because there is so much to look at. John, Josh, Josh's two friends and I went. We got there and the kids were off and running leaving John and I on our own. It took John and I about 1 hour 30 mins to cover the Oxford Fair. The Fyreburg take 4 to 5 hours. Anyways we did have fun looking around at the farm animals and the same amount of crafters.
We headed over to where Leann Rimes would be playing. She started at 8:00pm before her there was a group playing at 6:00pm.  People were already seated at 5:00pm so John and I said we should get seat now (6:00). We sat about 40 feet from the stage. I didn't want to be to close because I know it would be loud. I know its cool to be as close as you can but sometime the pushing isn't worth it. So we were happy where we were.
After Motor Booty Affair, a funk and disco band, performed the opening set for about 90 minutes for Leann Rimes. They stopped and started to pick up their stuff on the stage. Once that started happening everyone started moving forward like their was blue light sale at K-Mart. So John and I moved up too. So now we were about 30 feet away. Then it was time for her to come out. I was like a kid wait to see Santa! I really enjoy her music. There is a song that she sings that I used to sing to Josh when he was a baby. It means a lot to me and to see her sing it last night was awesome. I was over the moon about it all. The song is How Do I Live Without You. The two pictures I have posted of her are not mine. My camera didn't get any good pictures because of the lights on the stage :O(

This picture is mine from Motor Booty Affair.
This is also another picture that isn't mine. Just wanted to show you how small this fair is.
Now to show you some of the animals we said hello to.
These two cows seemed to be talking about all the people looking at them. I bet they cant wait to get home.
These horses were beautiful.
 Yes, here are some of the animals we came across. Abbie, Vincent, Josh, and Matt.
John found a new friend.
 I too found a friend I really wanted to take home, but being we had the kids with us he won't fit into the van.
The bulls were really big, but cute at the same time. I would love to have a farm.

Just look at that face!
I thought it was so funny that the sheep in the middle of the picture was watch Johns every move. He won't take his eyes off him.
 I feel bad that all the animals at the fairs have to be chained up for everyone to look at. I would love to go to a farm and get pictures of them.
 These guys were making the coolest sounds talking to each other. They are very cute and soft.
 Mama pig and babies.
 Another one I would love to take home!! I think it's a Scottish Cow. I just love the color and all that hair!
 The ducks were funny. The one on the right has weird feathers. I said it was stressed out because of being at the fair but a lady assured me that it supposed to look like that.
All in all we had a great time!

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