Friday, September 21, 2012

Trash to Dresser

This is how the dress looked when Cathy picked it up. She didn't pay much for it. It had all the parts for the draws and sides. It did not have a top and some of the back panels were missing.
 I was able to get all the draws together and made new pieces for the back and all it square!!
 We took an old desktop that we have been saving for a project that would need it.....and it was perfect for this dresser project!
We cut down the top to fit on top of the dresser with a Festool saw. I love how you can have it follow the rail. I should have taken picture of us doing it but didn't think of it at the time. Just need to get the project done. :O)
Then the edge was router with a Festool router. I'm telling you if you have never used Festools you should start. Out of all the brands I have ever used in the past 14 years I find that Festool products last longer. On our drill the battier last forever! The tools Don't lose it's power at all then drilling or cutting.
Here is the dresser all sanded and ready for stain and finish.
 This is the hardware that will be going on the dresser. The one on the left is how it looks from the company. I put it into a brass and nickel darkening solution.
This is what I used
 This is the dresser all done with handware on.
 In this picture it looks dark.
I can't wait to see the woman's face when she come to get it Monday!


  1. What a beautiful piece of furniture.

    1. Thank you so much! It took some doing but we got it back to being a dresser!