Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beautiful Antique Bed

This is the headboard to the bed we are refinishing. This is done. I forgot to get a before pic. We got the headboard and foot board only. We had to make the rails.
 We had one of our great friend Ross helper us do this part.
 I got to do the fun gluing the veneer down onto the bed rails.
 I love the 90 3M Hi-Strength. All you do it spray the veneer then spray the wood. Wait for it to set up then put the two together. The only thing is once the two touch......it's stuck! So you have to make sure you have it lined up just right.
 These are two of the pieces with the glue setting up.
 After they are together I used a roller to get all the air bubbles out.
 We had to glue the parts to the foot board together. Gluing a rounded bed is hard but we did it.
 Here I'm getting ready to biscuit the top part of the rail.
Here are the two rails all clamped up and ready to set over night.
After the clamps were taken off we had our friend Ross cut the top.

 I sanded them all up.
 and here it is!!
 I love it and want to take it home!!

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