Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pray For My Friend Brian Who Is Fighting For His Life PLEASE!

What you are about to read is how my friend was hurt and now is fighting for his life.

Yesterday, Tuesday July 10th was like any other day. I woke up, got ready for work and headed to the job site where I would meet Cathy and Brian my co-workers. The morning went smooth. We all ate lunch together that afternoon and went back to work. We are working at a house outside doing a deck over. I was on top of the deck helping Brian who was on a ladder tape off the house and Cathy was on the steps of the deck sanding. Brian was just out of arms reach on the ladder from me to my left. I was holding up the roll of tape and he was sticking the other end to the house. I was looking straight up at the roll of tape when I heard Brian make a grunt sound and by time I looked over the ladder was falling down to the left of Brian and Brian was falling straight down to the ground. It all happened so fast. I tried to reach out for him, but he was already passed me being able to grab him. Cathy heard it all and turned around to see Brian on the ground on his hands and knees. I ran down the stairs thinking by the time I get down there Brain would be on his feet and I would give him a big hug, but sadly that is not was happened. I got to the bottom of the stairs to see him on his hands and knees breathing really heavy and hard. Cathy was yelling at Brian asking if he could talk. He shook his head... no as blood was dripping out of his nose. His breathing became louder and more and more blood was coming. He then fell on his side and was unresponsive but his eyes were open. I could see he wasn't ok. As this is happening I was pulling out my cell phone and called 911. Mean while Cathy and I are getting rags to try to stop the bleeding and hold and talking to Brian. I know it only took the ambulances about 10 minutes maybe more, but it seemed like forever. While waiting and being with Brian he started to sound like he was sleeping, breathing heavy and his eyes were open still. I also could see that one of his wrist were broken. It was turning black and blue and swelling up.  Two ambulance, fire people, cops all showed up. Then they called in Life Flight. It was off to the hospital we go. Once there they told us it looks like he had a brain aneurysm. The hospital we were at then sent us to the Portland hospital. He was then placed back on Life Flight. When we got down there they told us they aren't really sure what happened.

Here it is Wednesday  28 hours later and we still aren't sure 100% what happened with Brian. The doctors says all the tests, cat scans and everything else they did aren't showing things clear. They said it could have been a brain aneurysm or a stroke. They can't tell if he fell because of a stroke or aneurysm, or the fall made him have a stroke or aneurysm. They are watching him close every minute. He did break both of his wrists. There is so much blood in his brain that they put a stint in to remove the build up. They have him heavily sedated because of everything. This morning they stop some of the meds to see if he would respond to voices and he didn't so they upped them again. So now it's a waiting game and is so hard. We don't know if he will wake up, or only have part of his mobility back.

Brian is a fighter!! He is strong and has been through a lot in his life and has a lot to live for. This is going to be a very long road to recovery. We all have to pull together and hold one another hands in this time of pain. This is so hard for Cathy and I because we just lost our other dear and close friend/co-worker in  a car accident 5 months ago. We all worked close together. We're not just a company but a family. We can't lose another!! So please pray. I never ask for help but in this case it's out of my hands and I need all the help we can get.

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