Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lewiston Fire / Little Canada

LEWISTON — Firefighters worked for hours Tuesday to put out a fire that involved three buildings in the area of the city known as Little Canada.
The fire involved a 12-unit, four-story apartment building at 32-34 River St., a 1½-story, single-family structure next door at 46 River St., and a third building that also appeared to house apartments.
Police said no injuries were reported. One firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion and then released.

This happened just down the street from my work last Tuesday. I started taking pictures from my work parking lot.

 After an hour of Brian and I looking at it from our work we wanted to go down and see what was going on. We walked down the street.
 The weather was beautiful, but the heat was really bad. So seeing the fire fighters in all their gear must have been so hot. I really felt for them as they tried to get the fire out and then seeing the owners of the apartment made my heart sink.

 I didn't want to get in the way so Brian and I stayed back and just took it all in.

 This is the picture that I took that made me feel really bad. This is a woman who I'm guessing lived in one of the buildings that was on fire. She had her dog laying next to her and her cat in a carrier. They were standing next to a building to stay out of the sun. I also think she was behind there so she didn't see what was happening to her home. I watched for a while and not once did she look to see what was going on.  The Red Cross was talking to her and filling out paper work. That's when my heart really sank.
This is one of the picture taken by the paper.
 This is another one taken by the paper.
I hope all the families have found safe places to live and are getting their life back in order. My heart goes out to all of them. I'm so glad no one was hurt. 

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