Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Projects I'm Going To Do!!

Here are some projects that I'm going to be doing soon!! I found this on www.pinterest.com . I have found soooooooo many things I'm going to try on this rocking site. I just wish I had more time to try them all. Here are only a few of the ones that I found that I'm going to do. Here is an owl that is just too cute not to try.

It is made from things that you trough away. Here is the blog it came from. http://findmakedo.blogspot.com/2010/08/focus-on-art.html if you click on the site you will see other ways to make owls of all kinds. So cool and easy. I wish my mind could come up with such great ideas.
 This is a Tree of Buttons. Here is the blog it came from http://craftsbyamanda.com/2012/05/vibrant-button-tree-on-canvas-a-giveaway.html  I already have the buttons, paint, and glue. I just went out this pasted weekend and bought the canvas. I'm hoping to start this one really soon.
 I love this idea!!!! Here is the blog it came from http://houseofwentworth.com/tag/diy-vacation-rituals/ We go to the ocean a lot in a year. I love love love the ocean. No you have no idea I really LOVE the ocean. I wish I could live there. So this idea was a must for me. The last two times we went we happened to save sand in a cup. I don't know why we did it but sooooo glad we did.  Now I know what I'm going to do with them. Like I said I have a start with the sand. This pasted weekend I bought a vase to start!!!!!
 I am sooo doing this one soon! I already have the bottom bucket almost like the one in the picture on the bottom. Only when I do this, I'm going to put a watering can at the top! Here is the blog it came from http://thepinkhammerblog.com/2012/06/01/tipsypotplanter/ I have seen these done with plant pots, but never with old buckets! Just love the way it looks.
 I'm plan on doing this on the way down to my basement on the bottom of the wall and in my workshop/craft room on one wall. I have already started saving pallets. Here is the blog it came from http://justagirlblog.com/diy-pallet-wall-part-2/
 I have the buttons just need to find the right handbag to add them too. Here is the blog http://lonelycactusflower.tumblr.com/page/21 . I just really love this.
I hope some of the ideas give you a spark of creativity to start a new project yourself.


  1. I love the wood on the wall idea... my walls are textured plaster and really need to be more 'me'!

    1. I'm going to do it in my workshop, but I'm also thinking of maybe doing it as the backsplash in the kitchen, maybe on the way down to the basement to give it a more finished look!!