Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wooden Magazine Rack Make Over

I was given this wooden magazine rack. I had it in my work shop for about a month. I would look at it and try to come up with something fun, but something that would go in my house.
 I decided to paint it white and add a hint of lime green here and there. The lime green comes in because it was a free can of paint I got from the local hardware store. I put 3 coats of white....totally forgot to put a primer coat :o/  yep I had bleed through. So that changed my plans. I was going to do clean white with the lime green but now I'm going to scuff and wax it.
 Here it is with the scuffy scuff scuff done to it.
 Then I added the lime green. I really need to find something else to paint with this color for my son! He loves this color. Any who! It was fun doing something different from what I usually. I would like to try to do some folk painting on something.
 Scuffed and limed up!

 I then put light brown wax on it, and put the feet back on. Now it's ready to rock!
 I'm going to have to say I'm not to crazy about it. Maybe once it's in the computer room with our magazines in it I will like it better or SELL it! :O)

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