Saturday, April 28, 2012

Kitchen Set Makeover

This week we worked on a kitchen set that had miss match chairs and a table with a base. The white paint was chipping off and just needed a makeover bad. This is a picture of the top of one of the chairs. They were all like this. 

Just your everyday kitchen set.

We started off by sanding the set down. Feathering all the paint chipping so it was smooth to the touch. The next step was sanding the seat really good because they were going to be stained. After sanding the stain was sprayed on. I really like the dark rich color.

When the stain dried I taped off all the chairs. It took a little time but you don't want the black paint to get onto your stained seat. I also resanded where the overspray got onto the white.

The black is then sprayed on the backs of the chairs, legs, and bottom of the seat.

Then it's time to take off all that tape. It was a lot faster taking it off then putting it on.

I like it way better in black then I did in white. The owner was over the moon about how it came out.

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