Monday, April 30, 2012

Forage Market

 Forage Market, a grocery store, cafe and bakery, opened on lower Lisbon Street on Saturday, after a year in the making. Morin's  http://morinsfinefurniture.com/morin-the-painter/  the place I work for was a part of it. Ricky and Brian worked on the outside of the building. They also sprayed the tin ceiling. So when going in there I like to sit and think Ricky is a part of that place. For those who don't know Ricky worked for Morin's for over 10 years. He passed away Feb. 5th, 2012. This is going to be my little spot.

 There are so many great things at the Forage Market. They created an inviting space with fresh produce, chilled cases with local and regional meats and cheeses, a long coffee list and a bakery built around a wood-fired brick oven in the basement. There are a few tables for dining and more shelves offer crackers, bulk flour, local beans and grains. Refrigerator cases are stocked with Balfour Farm organic milk, buttermilk, cultured cream and other dairy products.
 The only part I did here was the doors on the freezers.

 You get to see everything being made right in front of you.
 Everything I have had there is sooooo yummy!! Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel like your at home. Just look at the yummy yum yums.
 I fell in love with bar stools. The bar and some of the counter tops are made from wooden boards from the old Morin's building that we are no longer in. So that makes this place even more special to me.
 I forgot to get pictures of the bakery :O( it's so cool because you get to see how it's all done.

They did such a great job with all the work they put into the place.


  1. Wow. I would love to wander around in that building looking at all the lovely wood and brick, and oooh fresh vegetables too! I love all the refinishing work you're doing, envious of the lovely old furniture.

  2. Thank you so much Flying Fish!! I love to see what a differents we can make. That was a lot of work, but Morins didnt do as much as the owners did. They did a awesome job finding all the great touches.