Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before & After

Here are a few BEFORE & AFTERS

This is a dress that was brought in to be cleaned and coated. I had to glue & repair the draws.

Here it is all cleaned and coated.

This is a stamp that was on it that I didn't want to remove.

This is a commode that someone tried to strip themselves. As you can see they didn't get to far.

Here it is all stripped and sanded.

I was unable to get a picture of the commode with the hardware on it :O( I love how you can see the grain so well. It looks so different from when it came in.

This is a Antique Marble Top Victorian Table that was a mess. I had to re-pair and re-pin parts of the legs. I also re-glue the whole table.

All glued up!

What a great looking table. This one was knocked apart and re-glued.

All stained up it come out really great!

 That was a little bit of what I have worked on the past two weeks. I love it when something comes to me in pieces and I can fix them and make them beautiful again.

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