Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hoosier Cabinet

Here is a Hoosier that came in all painted. If this was mine I think I would have just cleaned it up. I like the color of it. The owner wanted it wood so we stripped it and stained it. The draws needed to be repaired and glued too.

I had to fix the fabric on the tambour and put a new one on. The tambour is the flexible roll-top door or lid that's made of narrow wood slats, glued either horizontally or vertically in parallel formation onto a heavy piece of fabric, traditionally canvas. The edges of the fabric are set into grooves within a piece of furniture. When raised or moved, the fabric rolls around a hidden cylinder, causing it to "retreat" into the top or sides of the piece.

This is the only picture I got of it. I forgot to show you how I replaced it. :O(

We repainted the inside.
Here is the bottom.

So what do you think!!??

I do like the way it come out.


  1. It sure was a lot of work. Thank you!! I am very pleased on how it came out. Looks like two different pieces.