Thursday, April 19, 2012

Avon Mosaic Effects Top Coat

I order the Avon Mosaic Effects top coat in black and white. I used the black over a green nail that is not from Avon. It worked great. I am soooo happy with this. I don't like doing my nails black but love it with a pop of color. I mostly do my toes because I work a lot with my hands and use stripper which takes the polish right off. Plus taking a picture of my toes holding the bottle wouldn't be as attractive! :O) I did my nails for Easter! Everyone loved them. I used the white over some Avon polish, and others that were not. I read that some people didn't think it would work. All the ones I used worked great. I did find that you should use a thin coat of the Effects. If you put it on to thick it will not crackle as much.
I went onto the Avon Ratings Reviews site. http://reviews.avon.com/5588/42719/reviews.htm?page=2 It has customer reviews and here are some of them.
"I was a bit skeptical when I first bought it, but once I got the hang of using it on my nails, it was wonderful! It is hard to get the polish off the brush to paint a very thin effect if that's what you are going for, but even a thicker coats makes awesome results. I'm definitely buying the white soon!"
"This went on easy, fast, delivered results just like the picture, and it dried fast. This is an EXCELLENT product!!"
"This product works so well and is so easy to apply that I am amazed! Price is unbeatable and quality is unbelievable! Love this , thanks! Just used Avon's lime green underneath the crackle..so awesome. This is going to be great for Halloween! If you are in doubt...it does work! :)"
"This was my first nail polish purchased from Avon, and I LOVE it! I am crazy about Mosaic Effects! I usually wear black nail polish, but have been getting bored with wearing black all of the time; so when I saw this I was so excited. I am finally able to wear color and black! It is so fun! I get compliments all of the time, I have been changing my color every 2 days, because it is just so darn fun. I am an Avon sales rep, and this product has brought me a lot of new customers. The only down fall is it is already beginning to clump a little in the bottle, no biggy though, because I have used it at least 8 times since I got it, so I am exposing it to air a lot. I hope that Avon comes out with some other fun colors for my customers that prefer to avoid black."
You will have to check it out!! So much fun! I do hope they come out with more colors.

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