Friday, April 13, 2012

Draws Into Shelves

The building I work in is a old brick mill. There are four floors and there are four companies and one new company that's going to be moving in. There is a space where they were storing tools and machine parts that is now going to be the new company's space. They started to clean out the space and they were moving a lot of the stuff to the fourth floor. They started to throw things out. I saw they had put some old draws on the loading dock where they put their trash. I asked one of the worker if the draws were trash. He said yes and I asked if I could have them. 8 draws different sizes are now in my basement. My husband just keeps shaking his head because I keep bring things home to work on. I just can't help it.
Here is one of the draws.
I started by sanding all the rough edges by hand with 120 grit sandpaper.
I then used dark wax to do the inside.Then I painted two coats of yellow and then scuffed it. I then waxed the yellow with light wax. Here is the finished product.I love it. I did 3 others that will one day hang in my craft/workshop on a wall covered by pallets!! In time I'm hoping to do the wall. I might just paint it for now and put the shelves up!

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