Saturday, March 31, 2012

Stand Made From A Shipping Crate

I was given this metal stand by Mona. It was just the right size I was looking for in my kitchen. I have a plastic stand right now by our door that holds my work bag and Josh's bookbag for school. I have wanted to make something that looks better then was there.

I have been seeing a lot of table and stuff made from pallets and crates so this was the perfect project to try it out on. I got a side of a shipping crate that look kinda like this one. I forgot to take a picture before I ripped it apart.These are only a few pieces that I got out of it. I'm going to use the others for another project for my husbands poolroom.

I picked the spots on the boards that didn't have any writting for this project. I want to use the ones with the words for the other project. I want to thank Brian for cutting the boards for me. I measured the cuts for the boards to fit the top of the stand. It will over hang on the sides about an inch. The front and back with be about an inch and a half.

I laided out the board how I wanted them to be as the top. Then I used a combination squares to mark when I need to make the biscuit joints to go. I do it by eye as long as your lines match up the biscuit will fit. If you feel uncomfortable about your biscuiting just dry fit to see if it matches up.

I adjust the size hole that the biscuit jointer is going to make. I set it at (0). I then adjust the height I want the cut to be at, and line up the lines I made with the line on the biscuit jointer itself.

These are the biscuits that I use. Size (0).

Now that I made all my cuts I'm ready to glue my boards together. I use Probond by Elmers to glue the boards together. I also used small clamps to push the boards as tight as I can.

I like to tap the biscuits in as I go. I just like to get them in straight so when I add the other board it goes together easy.

Once the boards are all glued it's ready to be clamped. This is the bottom board for the stand.

I use the combination square to see if the board are flush. As you can see they have a little bow to them. If this was going to be a kitchen table or a coffee table I would try not to have this happen but where I'm trying to make a fun rustic stand I like the off set look hehehe.

Here is the top of the stand. I had to use my brother bigger clamps for this because my small ones won't fix.

After I had the two pieces glue I wanted them to look more destressed so I used the backside of my hammer, an old square nail, the side of a short and long screw, and a L wrench.

Now it's ready for stain. I use three different Minwax colored stains. When the boards dried I used Light Briwax to finish it.

Here it is!!! I love the way it came out!!

I'm soooo going to make more things with pallets and creats!! I had so much fun doing this project!


  1. Looks like an old aquarium stand. I love what you did with it !

  2. Yes Lisa that's what I was thinking it was too. Now to find other kinds of bases to work with! :O)