Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Went Fast!

Today at work we had to do our last touches on the 12 foot by 3 foot solid oak tables They must be 300 or more pounds......thats what my back says anyways.Here are parts of the bases. We have to glue the other halfs to these ones! Long tables!! Can't wait for them to get out of the shop.Here is one of the 9 doors we have to strip. When I was at work Mona came in to work on her chairs that she is trying to get done before she moves to Florida. She told me that she saw a small round table for sale on the side of the road that I would love to get. So I went to where it was and grabbed it. It is an old wooden spool wheel. It had plywood on the top with smelly leather around the edge held on with thumbtacks to hold it on. It also has heavey duty wheels on the bottom.

I pulled off the old smelly leather and under it was papertowles around the edge to make it softer I guess. I sanded the edges and started to glue all lose pieces.

I waxed the bottom part. You can see in the picture above I waxed the nailholes first. Right under the clamp and to the right alittle is waxed. The light part is what was sanded. The picture below I have the whole bottom waxed. The light part to the right is a missing piece that needs to be glued back on.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the top! This is going to go in the basement on the bar side. I'm thinking of keeping the top as is but clean it up and wax it. Maybe put glass on the top?? Not sure.So I had a good Moday. Went by really fast and now I'm soooo tired. OH YA I also got more stuff from Mona!!! She is just to giving! I can't wait to do new projects with all the goodies she has given me!! Thank You SO MUCH Mona!

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