Thursday, March 15, 2012

Before and Afters

On this chair I had to remove the old canning. Now to add the new canning. I cut the piece bigger then the area by about an inch or two. I then cut the size of the spline I need. Then I place them into warm water until the canning is soft and workable. I made sure there is nothing in the groove where the reed spline goes.I worked the canning in with a wooden tool that I made that fits into the groove with the new canning. After the canning is in place I use small one inch piece of the spline to make sure it stay tight as I work the whole piece of canning. Once this is done I add glue to the groove. Then I slowly work the spline into the groove. I cut the extra canning off from the outter edge. Once that is done I hammer the spline all the way down into the groove. After 24 hours when the glue and canning has dried, the canning is sprayed to match the chair. This one was done by Brian my co-worker.Then the chair is reapsltered not by me :O( but maybe someday I will give it a shot !! Here is Mona's table that I knock apart and sanded. Then it was glued with a two part apoxce that sets over 24 hours.

Then the stain is sprayed on by Brian! Mona's was sooo happy when she saw the table.

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