Saturday, March 17, 2012

Great Way To Start Off The Day

John got up first this morning and woke me up to tell me there are deer in the back yard. So I jumped up and grabbed my camera! So cute!

I forgot to post that this past Wed night John and I went to FishBones for a going away party for Mona. I wanted to wait to post so I would have more pictures but for some reason Tammy hasn't posted them on Facebook for us to grab.

What a great night we had. Here is Mona and I. I have no idea what I was in the middle of saying but I don't look like I was ready for this picture at all. HATE THAT.Here is Brian my co-worker and Tammy.

Yes Mona is still wearing her strapless dress. This was the pic of the night that we all laughed about it.

It's great being around friends who really care about you and help you out in so many different ways.

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