Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hanging In There!

It was hard getting up today, but I pushed through. I try to go about my day but it seems everything is in slowy motion. It's silly that I'm happy I got the dishes done. Woohoo the dishes.....what is wrong with me. Such a little goal. I pushed myself to post my new Trees of Life on my Etsy site. I know I need to keep doing what I love it just seems wrong that I get to go on living when Ricky didn't. I know he won't want me to be sitting around sad. He would want me to go on living and get out and show what I got. Ricky was never one to sit around at all. He was on go 24-7. He was a ball of engery. You couldn't get him to sit still.

So with that I pushed myself to post these.

New Wire Wrapped Vintage Button

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