Monday, January 30, 2012

Craftroom Shuffle

I have been driving myself crazy with the way things were set up in my craftroom. I ment to take a picture before I started picking up. I had to step over boxes and bags of my crafting stuff. I was working on 4 projects at once. I have this problem....some people call it A.D.D. I was never diagnos with it but I sware I have it. I can never stick to one thing. That's how the room became a pile of pooh bear mess. As you can see the cutting from all the wallpaper boxes is all over the floor. My table sat in the middle of the room so someone could sit on the other side. As if that could ever happen. See the yellow chair. Oh wait you can't because of the big pile of pooh bear mess on the chair. Plus my bead boxes are on the table so no one ever sat there. Behind where I sit are two small bookcases with some of my craft crap. There is just enough room for my chair. I would go to stand up and the chair would hit the bookcase. Don't forget I would have to walk over piles of crap on the floor.

On the side where someone could have sat is another bookcase with my craft crap all over it.

Here is the new space. I now have my table in the corner. I have all my jewelry making stuff on the table top......well there is a big basket of beads on the bookcase behind me. Other then that all is out for me to see and grab. So much easier then it was before. I put all my ribbon in metal wire baskets. The ribbon hangs out the bottoms. I love it! My white draw unit has all of my stamping stuff easy to get to, and you can't forget Sadie. She loves the new space under my table. The heater is right there. It's her own little cave.

I'm not done with the bookcases behind me yet so no pictures of that hot mess. Having the room redone and a bigger space makes my head feel way better. I know that sounds funny, but when things aren't in their place it drives me nuts and I can't think straight. If I can't think straight I can't come up with new creative idea for jewelry or my art work.

Because of my new space I came up with these!

The best way to prepare for life is to being to live. ~Elbert Hubbard


  1. The new space is looking great!! Thank you so much for lovely comment on my blog, really touched by your very kind words, sue x

    1. Thanks I love being in the new space hehe. Maybe it will help me be more creative like you. :O)

  2. aww so neat your workingspace! Don't worry, everybody has abit of an ADD somehow :)