Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Woohoo My Part Is Done!

Woohoo!!! My part of doing the 14 chairs and 1 rocker is done!!! Now it's all up to Ricky to spray them out!! He has one more coat to put on them, and we let them sit until Friday when we take them back to the hospital.

Now I get to knock apart a black rocker and biscuit joint the seat. Which means only the seat part will be glued today and the rest tomorrow. So now I'm working on something you don't sit on!! :O) I'm now working on a server that was in a home that had fire damage. The server smells like smoke so I will sand the inside and outside including the back of it to get the smell out. The Ricky will spray a clear coat inside so the smell goes away!

After work I headed home. My 30 minute ride turned into a 60 minute because of the freezing rain we had. Once I got home Sadie and I wrapped the boys gifts being they weren't home. Ok she really didn't help but she is waiting patiently for the cardboard roll!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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