Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picture Of Christopher

Christopher is a little boy I know who is very cute and so full of life. I'm working on a Pointillism / Stipple painting of him. Pointillism is a style of art. Artists who paint in this style use thousands of tiny dots to create their paintings. Pointillist artists have a lot of patience. I have only done one other little boy and that was my son Josh. I'm not even done with him yet.

I start by drawing Christopher from a picture. Then I start adding dots. I always start with the eyes. Then I work my way around the face. I just start adding the dots where I feel they need to go. I never took any classes on how do it this. I just go with the flow. :O)

I add more and more dots.

The more I add the more Christopher comes to life.

Here are some of my other painting that I have for sale:

This is of a sunflower that I had growing in my garden.

This horse was next door from us when we were renting a house a few years ago. I would watch him out my back window as he would run around in his field. I really miss seeing him. One morning I went to look out the window and he was right there, 5 feet from our house. He got lose. I guess the grass was green on the other side. Hehee


I spotted these Canadian geese and their babies at a lake that I drive by.

This is a picture of my very missed Tigger :O( What a great and loving cat he was. This is the very first pointillism paintings I ever did. I want to do another one because I'm not really happy with the way this one came out.

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