Saturday, December 10, 2011

Something I Have Never Done Before!

I have seen so many pendents that are wire wrapped and I really wanted to learn. So I did!! This is my very first one. I don't like it but it's a start. Here is my 2ND one. Still not really happy with it. Here is my 3rd. So I need to work a lot more on them. But at some point I will be happy. lol

I had a friend ask if I could replace the wire on her pendent. I have never done anything like this one before. I just started doing wire wrapping with glass that don't have holes for wire. Here is her pendent that she wants me to do.
It took me 4 times to get it. It's not just like the old one, but I was happy with it. I just hope she will be. :O)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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