Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Even More!!!! NO Take Them Away!!

On my last post I wrote about the 36 chairs that I have to work on. Well this morning my boss came in saying we have another 24 or more coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, take them away!!!!

Ok so it's not that bad.....it's work!

I made a sale on my Etsy.com/shop/poiriers site!! A small sale but a sale! It was a ring. One that I really like. I really hope the person that bought it will love it! I want to make more ring for my site. I also have so many ideas that I'm working on.

After work today I went to one of the stores I sell my items at and took all my items out of it. I just wasn't making any sales so I will be posting them on Etsy. After that I came home and did some house work, then made my house into a Christmas World of WoW! All my snowmen are out! All the greens are up, and the lights are ah glowing! Hehehe

Now all we need is some snow....ohhhh wait!! We're getting some tonight!

Happy Holidays!!

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