Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So many people have told me already that I should sell the rings I have been making. I went down to a local store to see if the lady that owns it would sell them!! She said yes!!! I didn't really think she would. So when I got home from there I started making more. This is what I did today. These are what I have total. I have this black ring holder but I wanted something that was different and cute. So I looked on www.Etsy.com to see what there was.
I found this cute little shoe in gold. I wanted to do gold, black, and white for my table displays!!! This was perfect!!!! So I ordered it, and it's on its way!!

When I went to ship the earrings that just sold at this postal/antiques store I happened to see this mirror!! I have been looking for the perfect mirror to use on my table and how could I go wrong with this one for only $7.00!!! Plus it was gold.
I love how the woman is looking into the mirror. What a great touch!
So it was a great Wednesday for me!!! I hope you all have a great day too!!


  1. The rings are beautiful, Susan. You are so versatile!

    I like the gold mirror and shoe display and I look forward to seeing how your table is set up.

  2. Thank you so much Jackie!!

    I can't wait to see my table display too! lol. Soon it will be happening soon!!