Thursday, March 24, 2011

Check It Out!

I am having so much fun making jewelry the past few days. The part that sad is nothing is selling anymore now that www.Etsy.com has change it's format. Even though nothing is selling I just can't seem to stop making it. I think I will do some craft fairs. I have enough now do fill a table or two or three!! Maybe some home shows?! I have people asking to stop by to check my stuff out, so that has been cool. All in time things will fall into place I think.

I have made fun new items that I have never done before. I'm also trying to use more color....hey it spring right I have to get into bold colors!
I really like this bracelet. I like is so much I'm going to keep it hehehe, but I plan on making more don't worry.Fun bold colors for Spring and Summer, Necklace.Something a little more girlie!!
This blue really pops!
More fun color.

I have got to make more necklaces!! That's going to be one of my goals.

I just can't seem to get away from the blue. I think it's because I really miss the ocean. I'm over due for a visit!! I have gone at all this winter!!! So unlike me!
New bookmarks. I need to make more for the book store I'm going to be selling them in!! Yep I finely went in and ask if they would like to add mine to theirs and the owner was very happy with they way they were made. She said the charms on the bottom are what make them so great. So I have to find some really different charms!

More color.

Yep another bracelet. This one is yellow. I don't have enough yellow. I know this picture doesn't show it true color. I took this picture inside.....my bad.

So there you have it. Way to many pictures but I just wanted to share! I'm still on a roll......so wish it was a donut!! I could really use a donut right now! lol Have a great day everyone!


  1. wow...I love your jewels! stunning...esp the bookmarks! keep going and don't give up..i do the same thing,,keep making stuff cause we love to! I agree disappointed in the new Etsy format..i never go on the boards anymore and i used to love that..everyone was so helpful- now no one answers back...shame...

  2. Thank you so much bluepie!!!! I hear you about the boards. Good Luck with your sales!