Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Couldn't Handle Being Without A Dog!

I cried and cried over the lost of Sadie. Being home was tearing me apart. I would have a headache everyday.  My neck was killing me and I wasn't getting sleep. I also lost 5lbs.... not that couldn't have!! So on Saturday my mother and I went to just look at an animal shelter.  There were so many dogs to pick from. So sad to see all of them.  There were 3 dogs that caught my eye but not my heart. Remember I was just there to look.

Sunday I got woke up from a phone message telling me there was a golden retriever lab mix in the animal shelter right in our town, but the picture didn't come through.   I told John we should just got take a look being it was so close.

We drove up to the shelter and could see 3 dogs in the outdoor cages. The one in the middle looked just like Sadie!  John and I both said we wouldn't get that dog because it looked to much like her.  We went into the building a lady asked what kind of animal we were looking for and why. There was another lady sitting in the waiting room and another helper. When I got done telling my story about Sadie and why I was there.  There wasn't a dry eye in the room!

The woman who worked there said they have the perfect dog for me.  We went out and it was the dog we saw that looked like Sadie. Her name was Gracie.

Next think I know we are in the play yard with Gracie for over an hour and half! I just fell in love with her. Next thing I know I'm filling out paper work to adopt her.  I had to wait a day to find out. I got the call at work and was so happy!

I am not replacing Sadie!! I'm filling the open space in my home and heart for another dog that needs a family!  When I heard Gracie story it made me want her more.  The young woman went to her vet to have her put down because she was to much work!! The vet knew Gracie being this was the vet she used.  The vet looked at her and said no! I will find her a home. Gracie went to her first shelter,  then a foster home, then to the shelter we got her at.

We got her around 1:30pm and every minute since I'm so glad we got her!

This is when we brought her home!

I took her to work today!

I gave her, her first bath... she did great and let me use the hair dryer on her!!
I am so bless we found her!

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