Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Primitive Chair with Deer

I found this chair on the side of the road!! Yep on the side of the road in the trash so it called out Free to me!! I started by making sure it didn't need to be glued. I was fine. So I sanded off the old finish.
 I then painted on a coat of flat black .
  Sadie was keeping an eye on it, making sure it was drying even.
 While the paint was drying I started to rip off the old fabric to the seat. Two gross layers and foam.
 I pulled all the tacks out of the wood.
 I picked out new fabric from my stock.
While recovering the seat I stopped to do a coat of green paint on the chair.
 I picked out a fabric that has deer and ducks in the woods on it. I thought this would go great with the hunter green that I'm doing to do the chair in.

 After tacking the fabric I used a cream color fabric to finish the bottom.

 Once the paint was all dry I sand by hand to give it the primitive look.
 I like to bring the wood out.
 When it's all sanded I then wax the whole chair.
 Here is the finished project! I love it.

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