Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fort Knox Maine

Last weekend we all went to Fort Knox in Maine for Joshua's birthday. We took my two nieces Hope and Emily. What a great time we all had. They say Fort Knox is one of the best preserved fortifications on the New England seacoast.

 There was a lot of walking around. It was 98 out we had our little workout for the day.

 John check out the big guns!
 There were so many different walkways there. We were going upstairs, downstairs in hallways.
 Long dark hallways!! Good thing we brought our flashlights.

 Under the ground was nice and cool. We took our time down there.
 Inside looking out.

 This is the Penobscot Narrows Observatory. Located on the west bank of the Penobscot River in Prospect. A one minute ride 420 feet upon the fastest elevator in Maine. Ascend two more levels up to find 360 degrees views, complete with identification panels showing you how to locate nearby mountains, lakes and towns.

Looking down onto our van. 3rd from the bottom on the row on the right.

This is looking straight across to the other tower.

 Hope, Josh, and Emily
 Josh, Me, and John
 I love these kids so much!!

 This was too funny. Josh just kissed the ground right after getting down from the tower.
 He always knows how to make people smile. I love my son more then anything in this world. Just look at that goofy face! He's a keeper!! Happy 14th Josh!!

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