Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bondo Time

I had a big hole in the passenger side of my van. I took my van to see what it needed to be done to pass inspection. They said the two hole need to be fixed. One like I said in the passenger side door and the hole under the sliding door on the rocker panel. So I took it upon myself to fix it. I hate giving someone money if I can do it myself. I have never done body work before in my life.
 Here is the sliding door. You can see the hole in the rocker panel. You can also see how bad the door itself looks. So being I was right there with all the stuff to fix the rocker panal, I should just do it all at the same time. The next thing I know I'm fixing the whole bottom. The light blue is work that was done by someone else and the rust was coming through with six month of it being done.
 I started poking and pulling off the rust and old patch. As you can see it came right off :O/
 In doing so there was no more bottom of the door!! The whole time I'm working away I had to keep telling myself, I can do this, I can do this.  
 I cut away all the rust and sanded the whole bottom of the door.
 I had to add metal to make the bottom of the door then added bondo to it.
 I did the bondo in layers so all would feather in.
 All sanded and ready for paint.
 I picked black over the blue because I know it won't match the van.
 Just waiting for the paint to dry. Then maybe next weekend I will do the other side!!

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