Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ya-Ya Yahaw Sticks (Celery Sticks)

My family now call celery sticks Ya-ya Yahaw Stickes.
When my family gets together my mother would make celery sticks with cream cheese and olives. It is a must have. One year my brother Tony, told me that our mom wasn't going to make them. I was so upset with what he was telling me I couldn't get the words "ya she is" out of my mouth. It came out "ya-ya yahaw". So even since then that's been what we call them. The funny thing is we all love these sticks but none of us make them just out of the blue. So when we get together we eat them right up. I have now taken over making them. If you read my blog you know I don't like working in the kitchen at all. I make these because they are so easy to make and I wanted to share how we do them. I use one stalk of celery, two 8oz cream cheese, and a 15oz jar of Spanish olives with minced pimentos. I use about half of the jar of olives but you may like more olives in your. Also before making the filling I let the cream cheese get soft.....way easier to mix in the olives when it's really soft!
 I washes all the celery with water then cut them into 2" to 3" pieces.
 When cutting the olives up I use my favorite mezzaluna chopping board and knife! I have tried to cut corners and use a food processor but it cuts the olives too fine, and you lose the flavor of the olive in the cream cheese. They need to be bigger pieces.
 I chop them to this size.
 Here is the nice and soft cream cheese. I cut a handful of olives at a time and mix them into the soft cream cheese. I keep doing that until I think it's just the right amount.  
All mixed and ready to be stuffed into the celery sticks.
Yummy Ya-Ya Yahaw Sticks!!
Thank you so much for checking out my blog. 

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