Friday, June 15, 2012

Save The Baby Birds!

This is a house we are working on this week and looks like it's going into next week. We are painting for the owners. Weeks before we started to paint my boss Cathy went out to look at the house. She found out behind the shutters there were bats.......a lot of them. She knows how much Brian hates bat and will not work around them. So they had someone come and get rid of them. I never asked what was done. I'm just glad they weren't there anymore. I don't mind bats...just don't want to come across one when being up on a ladder! When Cathy and Brian were working on the house I was working on the garage. I heard Cathy yell something about baby birds in a nest where they needed to paint.
 The baby birds were in the nest that was under the eve on the left in the picture below. There were other guys working on the new garage being built and they said just knock it down. I yelled over from the garage I was working on.
 This is the garage I was at. I yelled over you need to save them Cathy!! I told her she should put the nest in the near by tree....which was right under where the nest is. So Cathy got up there and saved the baby birds!!!
 Here are the baby birds! So cute!!
With in an hour of the nest being moved the mother bird found her babies!! This was taken on Friday. On Monday the babies were gone so I'm hoping they flow away, but in the place of the baby birds there was a new egg and a different mother bird hanging around. I forgot to take a picture of the egg :O( I'm hoping on Monday the egg will still be there.

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