Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Upholstery Fabric and Material

I have been lucky enough to receive old upholstery fabric books! I have already torned some of them apart to save the fabric. I have some work ahead of me. I am planning on making a princess pillow for Johns cat. Then to make Sadie a princess doggie pillow.

I have also received upholstery fabric from Mona one of my friends who is moving :O( I was overwhelmed with everything she has given me. I am so thankful!! I now need to find some chairs to repaint and add the beautiful fabric to the seats or I just might find new kitchen chair from my kitchen to redo!! I can't wait! Here are some of the fabrics she gave me today.

Now that I'm getting more I went through my old fabrica and material to see what I have. Not a lot but I'm getting there. Sadie wanted to be a part of the blog today.

Here are all the little pieces I have. I'm thinking quilt.

I had all my fabric upstairs because I didn't have a lot. Now I moved it downstairs to my workshop. I think I'm just going to move all my crafts and jewelry stuff downstairs. John needs his own space so he can have the whole computer room for himself.

Here are some odds and ends. I'm sure this pile with grow with time too.
I can't wait to start creating new items. Mona has opened my eyes to a whole new world of creating. What she does blows my mind. Mona has a good eye and comes up with beautiful and fun ways to do a room. There is soooo much I could have learned from her. Wish she wasn't leaving. She is such a great and caring woman. Mona will be very missed.

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