Monday, February 20, 2012

Playing With Wire and Glass

I have to start with showing you my love bug Sadie. She is loving her new open spot under my table with all the heat.After work I came home and went downstairs to sand my new bar to be. I forgot to take a picture but will! After that I really need to work with my wire. I started with an idea of making another Tree of Life. I had the wire all set for it. When I went to see what charm I was going to add to the tree I saw some flowers. They are at the top left corner of the picture below. Small and cute.

So I decided to make flowers. Here is the bottom of the flower.

As I got the first big flower done at that bottom, I didn't feel it would look right with the other two smaller flowers above it. So I added two butterflies instead of the small flowers. In this picture it doesn't show it so well.

Here is a side view. The color looks so much better in this one.

and the other side.

Now I want to play around with more ideas!


It's better to be weird, than to be ordinary. Ordinary is BORING!! ~~Author Unknown~~

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  1. Absolutely LOVE this one!!! Are you selling it on etsy? I don't see it on there.